Nutritional Services

Nutritional Services


EFP Nutritional Services

We assist with nutritional guidance several ways.  Number one  we are not nutritionist, we can not prescribe food. But we can make nutritional suggestions based on our 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.  Initially we suggest writing down what you eat daily. We review your food log every visit to EFP. Whether its a bootcamp class, a small group class or a one-on-one appointment, we ask you to bring your log. Our goal is to hold you accountable to how you are fueling your body.

Number two we use Elite Nutrition powered by vitabot. Elite Nutrition uses patent pending technology and gives you the tools necessary to design your own weekly meal plans to meet your performance and nutritional needs! It tells you the best foods to eat, their nutritional value and the calories you need to eat to reach your goals for your lifestyle!

Elite nutrition uses the USDA government database of nutritional information and makes nutritional recommendations that are based on The Institute of Medicine guidelines that are age and gender specific – not just an watered-down average value like most other programs on the market today!

Fuel your body for ELITE performance!

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