Look the best in your dress – Karen’s Transformation Story:

I want to share my story with you to tell you that no matter how busy or out of shape you are success is possible! I was a relatively active person prior to starting a surgical residency. Due to long hours, low energy and rigorous duties, ‘I let myself go’ as they say. During my two and a half years of residency, I still had the desire to be healthy especially as a doctor knowing all the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. About a year and a half ago, I met the love of my life. Together we decided to pursue a healthier path. Unfortuantely it was difficult to get back to the gym and eating healthy meals. We were engaged this past December and that was motivation enough for me to get real serious about getting into shape. I knew I needed more than a corporate gym membership. I needed something more personal and more structured. That’s when I found Elite Fitness and Performance. First I just stopped by since it was down the street from my house. Later I decided to make the commitment, get a personal trainer and go to bootcamps at EFP. The trainers are professional, courteous, friendly, fun, competent and truly great people. They may push you to your absolute limit, but you will find that you can achieve amazing results while having fun. I would recommend EFP to anyone who wants to become a better version of themself. I achieved my goal of feeling beautiful in my wedding dress and feeling pretty on my wedding day. Best of luck on your journey and THANK YOU!




The Klingman’s – Read about their EFP journey:

Quit drinking for 30 days?  Sounds crazy boring, right!?  That’s what we thought anyway.  Michael and I were set in the idea that if we worked out everyday still doing our Friday night, Saturday and sometimes Sunday social drinking our bodies would eventually just become as lean as we saw in the magazines….Not True.  JC and Tony have preached to us since day 1 – if you guys want to see some serious results you have to quit drinking and eating sugar.  With the wedding coming up fast, as well as bathing suit season we decided it was time to give it shot.  30 days – no alcohol no sugar = HOLY RESULTS!  Our abs started showing through just after the first week.  Though it was tough, seeing the transformation was more than motivating.  Taking weekly pictures of our bodies really proved to us that results were there and happening quick.  Mind you we didn’t end the 30 days with a full blown six pack but after it was all said and done both of us lost weight, inches and gained some serious muscle definition.  The goals we had been trying to obtain after years of working out arrived in a just a short 30 days.  Who would have thought, JC and Tony were right!  If you’re looking for a quick fix – all it takes is some dedication, determination and will power and you’ll have a bathing suit worthy body!  – Alana


ba_alysia In her own words – Read about Alysia’s EFP journey:

I grew up very active, played sports and was able to eat whatever I wanted. I played softball in college, but that ended abruptly after injuring my neck and I had a dramatic decrease in my activity. Over the years, I gained weight, lost a lot of muscle and forgot how great it felt to be fit.

I started working out slowly again at the gym and bought a Groupon for Elite Fitness & Performance. Before starting the bootcamps I wanted to get in better shape, so I wasn’t embarrassed. I lost 10 pounds prior to starting at EFP. When I went in for an assessment, I couldn’t even do a burpee!!! Tony got me started, but I took JC’s class twice a week while still going to my gym the other 3 days. My first week, I couldn’t lift my arms to wash my hair because I was so sore!! Soon after, I realized how boring going to a regular gym was!!! The bootcamps are so motivating and keep you going!! Working out and staying physically active helps, but what helped lose the weight the most is counting calories. At EFP, we have to show our food logs daily. It’s not most peoples ideal thing to do, but I am so thankful for it. Although I always have generally eaten healthy, it helped me eat less and to understand how much I’m actually taking in.

Within 5 months, I lost 20 more pounds!! I lost a lot of body fat and inches. Unfortunately, I injured my foot, which majorly set me back for 6 months. I wasn’t able to work out as much, during this time it made me realize how much I missed EFP. I was officially addicted! I’ve been back full time for a year. I am still about 30 pounds lighter, down 10% body fat and lost 40 inches total!!! EFP has helped me give up my bad habits, continue to stay healthy and work hard at wanting to be healthy. EFP is also very involved with the community and charities!!!

EFP is my family, I am very lucky to have them in my life. I have met many new amazing people that love it just as much. The trainers there are always taking their time to help me reach my goals. I love influencing others to workout, eat healthy and too make it part of their daily life. My wish is for everyone to have an amazing place to go like I do.


In his words…read about Rich’s EFP story:

As a young man I had always been fairly active. I had always played tennis, snow skied, water skied, and bike riding. However, I had never trained or been trained in how to work out properly.  As time passed work took a much more prominent place in my life.  With career advancement things like tennis and water skiing were put on a shelf.  Even the act of mowing the lawn was handed off.  I found myself doing fewer and fewer things that I had been used to doing. I was gaining weight and my doctors were concerned about my blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In short I was headed for trouble.

Last year, after 30 years of not being able to do the things I did as a young man and some frank but frightening words from my doctor, I made the decision to “do something”.  I really had no idea what “something” was, but I was determined to make changes in my lifestyle and health.  Prior to this decision I was tipping the scale at 290 lbs and was borderline hypertensive and diabetic.  Not to mention just feeling lousy about myself.  Fortunately for me, my wife Debra had been working out with a great trainer named Tony at a small gym, Elite Fitness and Performance.  She had started working out to deal with mental stress but was also getting in to great shape. I had met Tony, J.C., and the other great folks from EFP at a Christmas open house in December 2012.  Everyone who had been working with Deb was asking when I was going to start up. However, at that time I was not ready to get with “the program” but by June 2013 it was evident that I needed some help. I had tried for years to work out on my own but I found out that I was never going to lose any weight.  JC and Tony worked to connect me with a trainer, Felix, who could assist me in achieving my goals of weight loss as well as physical fitness.  I cannot say enough good things about the positive and supportive environment of EFP.  Everybody is very friendly and truly interested in the individual performance.  While I had been physically active as a young man, I had never been taught how to exercise effectively.  Felix is capable of getting the most out me, far beyond what I can do on my own.  I am learning everyday about how to target muscles for maximum effect.  This coupled with a strict diet and weight loss program has started me on a path to a longer and happier life.

As of today, I have been able to meet several of my stated goals.  I was able to ski for the first time in 5 years.  I can wear suits that I thought were “Goodwill” fodder and I can be in the altitude of Lake Tahoe without constantly being out of breath.  As for my health, I have gone from my borderline hypertension to a normal range of blood pressure.  To date I have lost 74 lbs and still have a long way to go but I am on the right path.  Again, I credit both diet and exercise for this loss, but I am confident that I will not be going back to the old ways.  As for goals, I am now working on my next goal which is to be able to water ski again.  Stay tuned.



Becca’s Journey to achieving her fitness goals:

I am a World Class Artistic Roller Skater with natural talent, but I was lacking the desired body type that would improve my chances of making the World Team. I always had an athletic build, but I was rough around the edges. My size, weight and constant criticism made me lack the confidence needed to fulfill my life long dream of making the World Team. Acquiring the “right” body type seemed unattainable for many years because I would go to the gym and never see results, but then I was introduced to Elite Fitness and Performance. My life long dream and increasing my confidence became the inspiration and drive that made me commit myself to EFP. My journey began in August of 2013. While living in Rocklin, working full time, going to school and applying to Nursing school I had all the excuses to not commit myself at my fingertips. However, it never crossed my mind to use them. I committed myself to two days a week for 30 minutes a session. Many people scuffled at the fact that I drove 52 miles round trip, twice a week, to train with Tony. I ignored the criticism and knew that one day I would prove that this commitment would change my life. Slowly, but surely I would see changes by comparing assessment photos and measurements. I saw results; something I never saw before. My drive became even greater. I couldn’t wait until the next assessment. I was excited to step on the scale. Now, what female gets excited about that? My confidence began to rise, I saw improvements in my skating and World Class panel judges were noticing me. Every session I trained with Tony I had the encouragement, support and knowledge that I needed to reach my goals. The close-knit friendly environment of the gym made me feel welcome every single day I walked through the front door. After 10 months of training I lost 9% body fat, 14 pounds and inches melted off my body. However, I took away a lot more than just percents, pounds and inches from this transformation. I have the confidence and knowledge to continue this journey, make the World Team and encourage and support other individuals to attain their goals. I look back, take a deep breath and tell myself, “I did what I thought was unattainable!” Thank you Tony and EFP. I could not have done it alone!



Chris & Carolyn Hunt

Lots of things can motivate starting an exercise program but it often takes something special to inspire a long-term commitment.  In our case, it began with planning a three-week sailing trip to St. Barth’s and the British Virgin Islands in May 2012 to celebrate Chris’ 50th birthday.   This milestone birthday was his motivation (his quote “I can’t stand to see myself naked!”) but the knowledge that I (with my 60th birthday much closer than my 50th) was going to have to spend three weeks in a bathing suit, was mine.   As if on cue, an “EFP Boot Camp” Groupon was offered in January 2012.  Chris was IN, I was intrigued so I bought it.  (Probably did something sneaky like calling it a Valentine’s Day present!)  I called JC on a Sunday night and left a message to set up our evaluation.  He called right back, which surprised me (Sunday night?  But that’s how committed he is to helping people get and stay fit)!  In an act of self-preservation, I let him know that I was an “old broad.”  Couldn’t promise I’d be able to do everything right away but would promise that I’d continue to move and, week-over-week, would strive to improve.  That was two years, hundreds of workouts and numerous sailing trips ago!  Chris and I lost weight, toned up (achieving our initial goals and more) and have a great time working out together!  We have and will continue our training with JC, the amazing Tony (“The Machine”) Bitker and all the other incredible trainers at EFP!   There are numerous classes conveniently scheduled throughout the day and on weekends so you can easily work out 3-5 times a week.  We have met a great group of people, many of whom we now call friends.  Together we work hard, complain a little, sweat a lot, laugh and sometimes even party!  JC will make sure you have challenging, varied workouts with trained individuals to guide you.  You bring the effort and commitment and you will exceed any perceived limitations, achieving your goals while having fun at the same time.  We did!  Join the EFP team!  Have fun, keep moving and do your best to stay young by being active and getting fit!!! Do it now … summer’s right around the corner!




Sports Performance Training

My son came to EFP for football offseason conditioning, agility and strength training. JC worked him out! I even joined a few sessions and boy did he work me out too! Within weeks my son could see all his hard work and sweat paying off! When his football season and intense conditioning began it was clear that he was well beyond the fitness levels of other players. I give all the credit to JC for motivating and educating my son on how to reach his full athletic ability each session. We will continue to come back for limited sessions during the season and again in the offseason to get an edge on the rest! Thanks JC!!!!



Annie’s EFP journey:

In 2012, I was working at Starbucks, unhappy and disgusted with myself, but not doing anything about it. JC Charles would come into my work every morning and suggest I go work out with him. It wasn’t until the 10th time someone asked if I was pregnant that I called him and asked for help. We started training, and ooh man was that tough! There were so many ups and downs during that time, but JC stuck by me, ever encouraging and kind.

With JC as my fitness Guru, I lost 31 lbs and 22 inches overall. He motivated me to work out hard and to be strong. The whole gym is so amazing and comfortable to be in, and they have a wonderful family aspect that is very important to me. Buuuut… After losing that weight, I slowly gained it back. I had stopped going to EFP, and did not exercise on my own. January of 2014, I made my way home to EFP and was welcomed back with open arms. I love JC Charles and his Elite Fitness and Performance gym. If you’re gym hunting, come to this one. I promise you will love it! The boot camps are fun, the trainers(Tony!) are hilarious and badass! I’m never going anywhere else!


Leny's TransformationLeny’s EFP Story

I heard about EFP as they organize amazing boot camp events to help fundraise the community. I am not a gym person but I knew who to contact when I was 6 months away from being a bride! I felt like I deserved to look tone and feel great on my wedding day but I was so stressed and busy that going to the gym was nowhere near my radar.

The owner JC paired me with my trainer Felix, worked with my fitness budget and my schedule. Never having a trainer before I didn’t know what to expect. They instantly personalized a workout plan just for me targeting the areas that I was most concerned about and worked me out right away! I first started with spin and boot camp classes that was such an intense high energy workout. I felt sore and it felt good! With Felix I immediately “felt” the results! He kept me motivated, advised options for healthier eating and I saw that I was more tone. I felt comfortable with being psychically active again. I also had the pleasure to workout with JC who really knows his stuff! He pushed me to try new workouts that I would have never even thought I could do and also gave me good information like the correct way of using equipment and gave me a workout plan I could do at home.

In just a few months I toned, reduced my body fat percentage and lost weight! I can’t thank EFP enough for being a gym that really kept me motivated by personalizing my workouts and keeping it fun and different every time.  I feel very confident that I can achieve my fitness goals now and I can’t wait to look great in my wedding gown.




In her own words – Read about Stacie’s EFP journey:

I have been a member of EFP for about a year and a half now, and being a member has really changed my life! In December of 2011, at the age of 28, I was really unhappy with a lot of things going on in my life, one being my weight. I was at the heaviest weight I haved ever been, 195lbs. I felt not only unattractive, but tired all the time. I kept telling myself that I was going to diet and start going to the gym. The gym, however, never worked for me. I would get in the same routine of using the same machines, so I would stop seeing results and get bored. Eventually, I would just stop going all together. During this time, I lived in Fairfield away from my support system of family and friends. I knew it was time for some changes, so I could be happy with myself again! First, I decided to move back to Sacramento. Shortly before I moved back, I saw a groupon for EFP. I knew if I wanted to hit my next goal of losing weight, I had to try something new. So, I decided to give EFP a try. I bought the groupon wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into…turns out it was the best decision of my life!

I truly believe I could not have made my weight lose goal without EFP. There were times when I wanted to give up because it felt impossible. When I started, my trainer pulled me to the side one night, telling me to not give up, that it would get easier…and it did. If the trainers at EFP weren’t there to check what I was eating, push me, and encourage me, I would have given up. They make sure you stick to and reach your goals, but you too have to be willing to do the work. The trainers truly are amazing! Once my groupon ended after just 16 classes, I weighed in at 170lbs. I just knew then, I had to become a member and keep going. I’m so glad I stayed! For now I weigh in at 150lbs, losing a total of 45lbs! I have never felt better! The classes I attend at EFP are never boring and never the same, like the gym can be. If you are someone who needs motivation EFP is the place for you! EFP taught me the true meaning of, “It’s not about dieting, but a life style change.” So ask yourself one question, are you ready for a change? If the answer is yes, join EFP! You won’t regret joining! I know I don’t!



Stephanie’s EFP Journey to Fitness:

I came to Elite Fitness and Performance as part of Team Groupon, meaning I impulse bought a month of classes with no real sense of commitment and activated the membership right before it expired. I wasn’t a completely inactive person but after six months of health problems and medications I wasn’t exactly peppy either. Worst of all was a heart-rate that broke 200 beats/min with even mild cardio (at that rate it’s doing your heart more harm than good). I could still out walk or hike people in active service but 20 minutes of real cardio wasn’t happening. JC asked me what I wanted and asked me to make a commitment to get it. He explained the purpose of a small gym community was that they actually cared about your health and wanted to work with you. He concisely went through all the basics that physical trainers and medical professionals wish were common knowledge with accuracy and illustrations. There was a free app for my phone to keep me on track. He said people are more likely to quit without committing to a schedule, even if they needed to adapt it along the way. Sounded reasonable, so we made a weekly schedule. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting a gym to be so organized or involved with its members.


However, that was exactly what I needed. I was made accountable to myself but also didn’t want to look like a quitter in front of people whose names I knew, caring people who were patient yet firm. As part of a fitness community, I got regular advice on how to adapt my form, diet, and/or lifestyle. There was also friendly joking and high fives. The trainers read body language and if your form starts falling apart or you can’t execute an activity properly, they won’t let you hurt yourself—there is always something else you can do. Sometimes I would try to push myself past my ability and JC would have me slow down, have me do it right. So in this open encouraging environment I asked questions and continually adapted. I cycled off hormone and allergy medication which were raising my heart-rate. I trained 4x/week. I drank water like a fish and got my vitamins. At the end of the month my jogging heart-rate was like my resting heart-rate, my running HR was decent, and the last week I didn’t use an inhaler before class. I realized I stopped having general allergies as my overall health improved. While it wasn’t my first priority, another fortunate side effect was fat kept getting replaced by muscle and a month later I was a size smaller. This experience exceeded what I even wanted for myself.